Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ever Red n Red Ever

The evergreen star of Old Trafford- Ryan Giggs has got another feather on his cap. This time a golden one-Manchester United's fans has voted their Giggsy as the Greatest ever player of the club.In his race to the honour Giggs has beat legendary United men like George Best,Eric Cantona, Bobby Charlton,etc., The poll was launched by 'Inside United' magazine in December 2010 and continued to mid-January. Fans voted through the magazine clubs website,and clubs facebook page.United's skipper of 90's Eric Cantona came second by leaving George Best at third.Sir Charlton was fourth while Cristiano Ronaldo came fifth in the list.

"When I got told I was really chuffed" Giggs responded after hearing the news."I couldn't believe it to be honest,especially when you look at the list of other players who are up there" he added. But Red Devils fans never had another choice. Giggs has been with United for 20 years now.In their heights and depths-Giggsy was with them. And he was the man who played the key role in United's today's glory.Not only United's,we can say Giggs was an integral part of making the English Premier League as the pioneering football league of today. “When you look at the galaxy of stars that have been at this club, this is a huge honour for Ryan.” Sir Alex Ferguson responded to Giggs honour.He knows very well,because they were working hand-in-hand for past two decades in Old Trafford.

Giggs is the man who really deserves this title. In the world of professional football,where players weigh money more than anything Giggsy was different. This Welshman was with Manchester United from his teenage onwards.He made his first appearance for the club during 1990-91 and has been a regular player from the next season onwards. Since then he had changed the course of the club. In 80's reds didn't had much honour. At the start of the glamorous Premier League Giggs started with United. After that he had played and scored in all the editions of the English League And won eleven titles

 March 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

The new dawn in Arab world

The Arab world is now in the midst of outbreak. The Tunisian Revolution has triggered the cry for political change across the Arab world. The victory in Tunisia has given new hopes for the people of North Africa and Middle East. Next it is the turn of Egypt,were the anger against the Mubarak regime is at it's maximum.His hopes of clinging to the throne is not going to become true for sure. The movements in Yemen,Jordan,Lebanon and Algeria is also in full swing.The people of Syria is closely watching the developments,say reports,were a similar movement can be expected soon. Syria is having all the necessary requirements for the one happened in it's neighbours.

Political scientists compare these movements to those which happened in Eastern Europe after the fall of USSR. The spread of the fire was so quick
this time than expected. After the fall of Ben Ali regime in Tunisia several dictators in the region expressed fears of a similar movement in their countries, and came out with certain political and economic packages to impress the people. But it was too late. Then it spread to the streets of Cairo, where Hosni Mubarak was the last word since Anwar Sadat's murder 30 years ago. The successor of Mubarak, his son Jamal Mubarak has to fled to Britain as the movements became stronger and the measures to suppress using force went in vain. As days went the cry for political change is now at maximum voice,lead by eminent personalities like Nobel Laurette Muhammad El Baradie. In Yemen also the protest against president Swalih has gained strength. This country-the poorest in the Arab world is facing multiple problems for decades. In Algeria, Jordan and Lebanon also the protests are gaining strength as days pass and the news from the region reaches the people.

The new developments were least expected by the Arab dictators. Their dreams of clinging to the throne and ruling as they like for decades and ensuring the position for the family has shattered now. Democracy and political freedom was suppressed for decades and elections was just mockery. People suffered lot under these regimes. Unemployment,Price rise, and Corruption prevailed heavily amid oil boom. The price of crude oil went directly to the ruling class and the peoples problems were never addressed. The peoples fear to voice against this injustice was removed by the
Tunisian uprising. There they found a way out of this and an opportunity to raise their voice. The measures to suppress the movements using force made less effect. As the protests grow stronger the army started shifting to the side of people-like it happened in Egypt. And the dictators has only one way-run out. Ben Ali and Jamal Mubarak has already, and others have to join soon. As one Syrian taxi Driver joked-"perhaps Saudi Arabia has to built a whole new village for the Arab presidents when they run out of their palaces". This is not merely a joke, it's the thing expected by the people of Arab world.

When the whirlwind of change blow nobody can resist it. No throne is strong enough to stand against that wind. They have to realize the power of people. History has many lessons with it-in modern and ancient times. Mussolini,Najeebullah and Nicolae Ceausescu has laid their lives as a lesson to the modern age dictators. But nobody realize it until it comes to them. The fear in the Arab thrones after the Tunisian revolution was the realization of the end coming near. The people united shall always win. The new dawn in Arab world may lead to justice and equality in the region. Moreover it can contribute to peace and eradication of terrorism in the world-because terrorism grows from the suppressed and opposed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Socceroos to meet Japan in the final of Asian cup

The coronation of Asian football Championship is to be held on Saturday at the Khalifa Stadium in Doha between the top ranked sides of the continent-Australia and Japan.Both the teams had made their way to the final by keeping up the expectations on them.Japan beat their East Asian rivals South Korea in the first semi-final held on Tuesday in shootout(3-0) after a closely fought full time(1-1) and extra time(2-2).In the second semis Australia trashed the surprise entrants Uzbekistan(6-0) to reach the final for the first time in history on the same day.

The tournament which showcased excellent football had witnessed many upsets and surprise packages.The early exit of powerhouse Saudi Arabia and Gulf cup winners Kuwait was unbelievable by the way they were defeated.Central Asian surprise package Uzbekistan had played excellent game and reached the semi-final for the first time.Jordan and Syria rose as the new powers of East Asia while favorites failed to make their way.Defending champions Iraq and Iran moved to quarter beautifully but failed to make a seat in the semis. S.Korea,japan and Australia along with host Qatar also played according to expectations. Minnows India played excellently amid their low standard against the giant opponents in group-C. All those who were present at the venue ensured they had a bright future ahead.

The final is going to be a super clash.Australia,with their golden generation is all set to lift their maiden title in their second attempt after joining AFC, while Japan is looking for their 4th continental title.Socceroos had a good campaign in the competition beating India(4-0) and Bahrain(1-0) in the group stage and drawing with S.Korea(1-1).In quarter they ended the Iraqi dreams of defending their title(1-0) in a closely fought match and trashed Uzbekistan in the semis(6-0). Japan had a comeback after managing a draw against Jordan in the first match(1-1) by defeating Syria(2-1) and Saudi(5-0) in the group stage and ending Qatari dreams of their first semi-final in quarters(3-2) and then a shootout victory over S.Korea in semi-final(2-2)(3-0:SO). Both teams are capable of winning the title with their best line-up. So,it is going to be a match with all the beauty of football. And a title of history for both teams.